The Board encourages shareholders’ participation at general meetings of the Company and shall take the following steps in meeting this objective:-

Before the meeting

  1. Provide adequate notice on the time, venue and agenda of the general meeting for proper planning by shareholders.

  2. Request for submission of queries prior to the general meetings via the website to facilitate effective discussions during the meeting. Such queries can also be replied individually to the shareholders.

  3. Provide the administrative details of the general meeting to assist smooth registration of shareholders, such as production of a valid identification document.

During the meeting

  1. Present the performance of the Company for the financial year just ended.

  2. Share the long term corporate objectives, strategies and plans.

  3. Provide clear explanation on votings, which will be done via polling, pursuant to para 8.31 A of the ACE Market Listing Requirements.

After the meeting

  1. The resolutions passed at the general meetings shall be announced through Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, and can be viewed at this link: General Meetings